Sports Community Network is an interaction networking site seeking a sense of community where recreational athletes can schedule, manage, communicate and also monitor their actual performance.

If you ever find yourself in an endless maze of ‘reply all’ emails, as you slowly start to regret taking on the organizer’s role for your weekly game of hoops with your friends, try using to take the pain out of organizing  recreational sporting events.

The event scheduling  feature allows users to connect with each other in order to decide on location, find a time that works for everyone, send invites, confirmations and reminders without the numerous emails and texts which are usually associated with the task.

The site is tailored to a user’s personal preference where during registration it will require him/her to choose a specific sport of interest such as basketball, golf, hockey, baseball, softball, tennis, soccer, football, volley ball and many others.

Once registered, it's time to invite payers to that basketball group for your weekly game of hoops, or a group of friends that you may frequently enjoy playing golf with.

Then schedule the event by defining the location, date/time and who you’d like to invite to participate. The recipients indicate directly through the site whether they’re ‘in’ or ‘out’, with all invitees able to see the current opt-in rate.